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Documents exchange is easier when all the process starts and finish in one place.
Organize, search and share with everyone just using one App.
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About us

Technology has allowed us to transfer paper documents into virtual cloud for easy sharing and archiving. Our files and pictures are collected in many applications and services that we have to pass in review one by one to find the file we are looking for. For this reason, Quokky wants to provide a unique solution to help you finding what you’re looking for and share it easily with everyone.

Our products


A collaborative solution designed for professionals. Collect documents from your clients and collaborate with them on dossiers.

Quokky App

A file management App with sharing capabilities. Share with everyone your documents through the simplicity of a chat.

Due Intelligence
Due Intelligence

A cloud computing service for ML-driven enterprises. Automate everyday business operations with machine learning.

A new way of digitizing dossiers

A business solution that brings together full-featured file sync and share capabilities with messaging so you can communicate faster with your clients.
Your files and the discussion about those files are all in one place, eliminating lost files and switching between products to get work done.

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